Beware… you may be in for a scare


Welcome to my blog that’s a patchwork quilt of paranormal investigation, history, dark tourism, and story-telling.

I am Alice, a history buff, horror junkie and journalist and this is my journey into the weird, the wonderful, the sinister and the supernatural.

Ever since I can remember I’ve been obsessed with the paranormal. From Egyptian mummies and ancient gods and goddesses to Victorian ghost stories, tales of witchcraft and even alien abductions – Folklore, urban legends and anything strange and unusual has shaped who I am today.

These morbid fascinations and our own changing views when it comes to the dead, the macabre and otherworldly entities has inspired me to embrace and investigate the idea that we are not alone.

While I am convinced we cannot be the only sentient beings to exist in this universe or any other, I remain a sceptic in the way that, while ‘I want to believe’, I am also the kind of person who questions everything and need evidence in the form of tangible hit-me-in-the-face first hand experience in order to believe such myths.

Being a goth, who hangs out in graveyards and made peace with my “shadow self” sometime ago, I am not easily spooked… So, my aim with this blog is to travel and explore various sites of historical and supernatural significance and investigate, in a logical manner, whether or not I believe in any claims of unearthly phenomenon. I will also inject a healthy amount of historical fact, my initial gut feelings (which I am hoping will not be shaped too much by any eerie claims) and photographic evidence.

Oh, and I will add some TV documentary analysis and reviews of dark touristy hotspots for your reading pleasure.

Without further ado, I leave you with the immortal words of Agent Fox Mulder. Because, the truth is, no-doubt, out there (somewhere).


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